UI/UX Designer - São Paulo

São Paulo   |   Full time

Zenklub, the leading platform for emotional and mental well-being in Portugal & Brazil is looking for a UI/UX designer to help us expand & build the next generation AI for wellness. This is a chance to make your mark on a landscape that affects more than 700 million people worldwide. 

We are on an awesome growing stage and aim to triple our market in the next year. Want to join us and do something good for humanity?

If you are a person that:

  • Is a team player, and believe that people working together to deliver value is more important than processes or frameworks (although for sure they help);

  • Is not afraid to work in fast paced environments, with constant change and uncertainty in a growing phase of the company;

  • Have experience working in multidisciplinary teams with multiple stakeholders to understand, document and design awesome user journeys that delights customers;

  • Fluent in UX methods and tools. Orchestrating unified experiences across devices and throughout the customer journey while knowing how to embody specific solutions in a usable and delightful interaction;

  • Is not attached to specific solutions, but is always open to discuss innovative ways to solve problems

  • Have experience with user research / user-centred design / design thinking;

  • Knows the latest trends and good practices when it comes to design patterns;

  • Have experience / knowledge on designing beautiful web and app interfaces, following android and iOS guidelines for apps when applied.

You would be more than welcome to join our team, focusing on:

  • Discovering the users’ motivations for adopting our product, find gaps in the user experience and point flows that needs improvements

  • Develop user-flows, wireframes, mock-ups, and prototypes that provide an intuitive user experience, as well as elegant solutions for complex problems

  • Working really close to the development team to ensure quality and adherence of designed experiences;

  • Asking smart questions, thinking critically, and contributing your ideas

What you will find here:

  • Free access to therapy and coaching and other self development tools

  • Experienced leadership and founding team

  • Casual environment (as long as you wear clothes, most days, we're good!)

  • Flexible hours, for real… And if you need to work remote some days, why not right?

  • Small teams producing high output

  • Slack, Slack everywhere

  • Bold ideas are worshipped

  • Titles don't mean much, you attain respect by producing results

  • Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration

We don't care about your seniority level or your degree - We care about who you are and what you want to do.

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